Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Marathon

My first marathon was Wakefield MA. I did the race in 2006. That was 2 years after almost to the date I had run a race (the peaks island 5 miler in Maine), where I was just not ready to deal with the heat and I really took a beating. I decided after that race that I should either get serious about running or drop the sport.

Wakefield is a different marathon in that it is 8+ 5k loops around a lake and it starts at 7:00 PM on a Friday night. The course is relatively flat and the field size is limited. It was very stormy that night so the race start was held up by 1 hour to wait for the lightning to stop. It took me 5 hours and 46 minutes. I remember finishing the race and thinking wow!

How about your first marathon experience?


Friday, December 21, 2007

About me - marathon wise

I am 6 feet 4 inches. I weigh 206 to 211. I have completed 4 marathons but more about that later.

How about you?


So what is a "Big" Marathoner?

A Big Marathoner is someone who has run Marathons who would be weight-classified as either a Clydesdale, Super Clydesdale or a Filly.

That means runners who have run marathons who are big people.


Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to the big marathoner's Blog.

Here I hope to share my and your experiences as a "Big" Marathoner.